Sunday, October 10, 2010

Gone into Hiding??

There is SOMETHING going on this election cycle that I can't explain. I have NEVER, ever seen it before. The exact reason for it is un-clear, but , never-the-less it IS happening!!

Candidates are leaving their party affiliations off of their campaign signs!!! I can't help but wonder WHY!!

MAYBE: They don't want you (the public) to KNOW they are Democrats(/Progressives/Marxists/Commies)??

MAYBE: They feel they CAN'T run on their record of Mega-mega spending? The Obama-care Bill? The Stimulus/"Pork"ulis Bill? The FACT that JOBS are fleeing this country FASTER than illegal aliens being chased by the Border Patrol & I.C.E. ??

MAYBE: They are AFRAID of the name "Democrat", now. They might feel that since they can't call themselves anything else, they can simply "Go Neutral" till AFTER the election!!

Well, guess what?? Won't work...we know WHO you are & WHAT you are & "where you live" as they say in the movies.

You can hide from us on every day except one: ELECTION DAY !!! That's the one day when we FORCE YOU to listen to us & we tell YOU whether YOU still have a JOB or NOT !!

I believe it is something different this time. I think it is something they have NEVER encountered before that has them PETRIFIED!! A little thing called the "Tea Party"!! There, I said it!!

I know, it's supposed to be a group of in-bred, slack-jawed, mouth-breathers that doesn't know it's butt from a hole in the ground!! BUT, if that's true.....why are THEY so afraid of US ?

BECAUSE they KNOW they haven't completed their "Take-over" of the Guvment yet. Sooooo, that means we STILL have a VOTE for them to worry about!! Not to mention the FACT that 2% of US are SMARTER than 98% of THEM since we WORK for a living and know what balancing a checkbook is all about!

As "Tea Party" members, we have made the decision that the "Status Quo" is no longer desirable or wanted. That we, as voters, have made a conscious decision to DO SOMETHING about it in November!! That means, regardless of WHICH party you are in, if you are "judged & found to be wanting" in OUR eyes you WILL be looking for employment elsewhere. Oh, and by the way, we ARE going to close that little "Lobbyist" loophole thing after you have cleaned out your desk!! If nothing else, a nice little "10 year wait before you can" clause should do it!!

Well, I guess it wasn't such a BIG mystery after all, was it?!!

My final word is this: Do what YOU feel you need to do on election day. But, make sure you have checked out ALL those running for office (their voting record, ect.) & that it is a decision you can live with. Remember the LAST election??

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The "EVIL EIGHT" Congressman

As we count down the days to Mid-term elections this fall, I feel it necessary to remind everyone of the TRAITORS to the Republican Party & the Nation that voted FOR the Stimulas Package!!!

They will ALWAYS be on MY "Wall of Shame":

1.) Mary Bono Mack (R-CA.)

2.) M.S.Kirk (R-IL.)

3.) F.LoBiono (R-NJ.)

4.) D. Reichert (R-WA.)

5.) M. Castle (R-DEL.)

6.) L. Lance (R-NJ.)

7.) J. McHugh (R-NY.)

8.) C. Smith (R-NJ.)

I can only hope & pray to GOD that enough people see & read this in their home states that it INSPIRES & INFURIATES them enough to vote these TRAITORS OUT. Then have the guts to install some real Constitutional Conservatives to help CORRECT their failures !!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I couldn't have said it better...

I AM BACK!!! I had a serious cash flow problem shortly after my OTHER 8 yr old antique IBM Thinkpad went belly-up!!

This is a bears repeating!!! Especially in the light of all that has happened along our border in the last six months. AND after Obama-rama welcomed the Communist from Mexico to speak in the haloed & sacred halls of OUR Congress!! But, I'll get to that later!!

I received an anonymous E-mail which I USUALLY don't open due to the attitudes of some "Viral Geeks" these days. But, THIS one caught my attention. It was simply titled "I'm a BAD American & PROUD of it!!"
After reading it, I decided I HAD to share it with my readers because as the title so aptly states, I, too, am a BAD American!! So, here it is with MY opinions in parenthesis:

The Bad American

I am the Liberal/Progressives worst nightmare!!( And will stay that way till my last breath!!)

I am an American.(By the Grace of MY God!!)

I support my military & the job they do on MY BEHALF!!

I believe there is only one God!! (But, I ALSO believe you have the right to believe as YOU wish as long as you DON'T try to FORCE it on ME!! You LISTENING, Bin Laden?)

I believe the "Over-the-hill" hippies (, flower children & misc. thieves) in D.C. need to GROW UP!! You're NOT in the '60's anymore!! You're TOO OLD for the Psychedelics, anymore!!( Just MY theory)

I ride a Harley-Davidson motorcycle & believe in American products.

I believe the money I make belongs to me & my family, NOT some government functional be it Democrat OR Republican(or Libertarian)!!

I'm "In-touch" with my feelings and I like it that way!!

I think owning a gun DOES NOT make you a killer, it makes you a SMART AMERICAN!!( And there are over 10 MILLION of us out here & 4 million belong to the N.R.A., THANK GOD!!)

I think being a minority DOES NOT make you noble or victimized & DOES NOT entitle you to ANYTHING!!(Nor does the WORLD owe you was here FIRST!! GET A JOB!!)

I believe that if you are selling me a Big Mac, DO IT IN ENGLISH!!

I believe EVERYONE has the right to pray to his or her God when & where they want to.

My Heroes are John Wayne, Babe Ruth, Roy Rogers, & Willie G. Davidson ( that makes those AWESOME motorcycles!!)

I don't hate the rich or pity the poor!!

I know wrestling is fake, & I don't want to waste MY time watching or arguing about it!!

I've NEVER owned a slave, or was a slave. I haven't burned any witches or been persecuted by any Turks & neither have YOU, so, shut up already!!

I believe if you don't like the way things are here, go back to where you came from & "CHANGE" your OWN COUNTRY!! (You listening, Obama??)

This is America...we LIKE it this way!!

If you were born here & don't like it, you are FREE TO MOVE to any Socialist country that will have you!!( You listening,"Prince" Harry Reid?)

I want to know WHICH CHURCH it is exactly that the Rev. Jesse Jackson preaches , & WHERE he gets his money & WHY he's ALWAYS part of the problem and NEVER part of the SOLUTION?!! ( And this goes for Rev. Wright, too!! (Can I get an "AMEN" ?!!))

I also think the Police have the right to pull you over if you are breaking the law, regardless of what color you are!! (Thank GOD for Arizona!! Hey, Gov. Brewer...You go, Girl!!)

And, NO, I don't mind having my face shown on my drivers license!!

I think it is GOOD (& I'm PROUD) that "God" is written on my money!! ( And it will STAY that way if I have ANYTHING to say about it!!)

I think if you are TOO STUPID to know HOW a ballot works, I don't want YOU deciding WHO should be running the most POWERFUL NATION on the Earth for the next four years!! (See what it got us this LAST time around? Use your HEAD, not your heart, college dummies!!)

I dislike the people at intersections trying to "Sell" me stuff or trying to "Guilt" me into "Donations" to THEIR cause!! Get a JOB & do YOUR PART!!

I believe it DOESN'T take a Village to raise a child...just a Mother & Father!!(NOT two of a kind, either!!)

I believe "Illegal" is illegal no matter what the lawyers think!! (Or the Commie ACLU!! You sneak into MY country, you are a FELON no matter HOW you look at it!!)

I believe the American flag should be the ONLY one ALLOWED in America!!( Don't even get me started on the U.N.(Useless Nothings!!)

If this makes me a BAD American, then, YES, I'm a BAD American!!

So, LISTEN UP, those of you that are "Presently" RUINING this great nation of OURS:

WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK!! We live in the "Land of the Free" because of the Brave!!

If YOU don't like it...LEAVE IT, so those of us that DO, can FINALLY enjoy it to the MAX again!!

Simply perfect, I couldn't have said it BETTER.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Sarah Palin: Wolfbane to the "Left"!!

As you all probably know or have heard by now, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has stated she is STEPPING DOWN!!
It could be because the vial, insensitive, disgusting, evil, back-stabbing, self-indulgent, self-righteous, self-elevating, NeoDems (did I MISS any?) think that they can go after HER children & family Chartblanche. BUT, if it's the OTHER way around....Well, you're just MEAN -SPIRITED!! Yeah, yeah, yeah, we've heard it all before, you Schmuck's!!

Everything seems to be a "Double Standard" with them & they are the ONLY ones allowed to use it!!
Take for instance the way THEY break everyone down into "Groups". You know, Hispanics, Blacks, Whites, etc. Us? We see us all as Americans.

They see illegal immigrants as political refugees. Us? They're STILL illegal immigrants until they go BACK & do the paperwork like the LEGAL immigrants did!! But, I digress.

With Palins' vacating of the Governors' Office, I can only hope & PRAY that she is planning a run for the Presidency in 2012 (Hopefully, in MY opinion, with Ron Paul)!! I would make sense to back away, play it cool, but stay in the Public Consciousness by campaigning for other conservatives till then. Might not be a bad idea to give speeches till then, either. That way, the public will REMEMBER where she stands on the issues!!
Plus, she can then REMIND people that it is SHE that has the MOST public service experience, NOT Obama!!

By the time the 2012 elections come around, I believe that the country will be in such a SHAMBLES that it will take a pair of STRONG, Constitutional Conservatives in office to pull this great country BACK from the brink of TOTAL economical disaster that IS the Obama/Pelosi administration!!
THEY (with the willing help of Barney Franks, Chris Dodd, Harry Reid, Henry Waxman, Barbara Boxer, & a myriad of OTHER Treasonists) have managed what "Progressives" have only DREAMT of doing since the turn of the century!! Even the old Russians are flabbergasted that we haven't had a revolution, yet!!(As am I!!)

I believe a pairing of Palin/Paul is what it is going to take. They are "No-nonsense" types when it comes to spending & taxes. THIS is what will put them in office after all of the TRILLIONS of dollars of DEBT that the DEMS have given us take us to the edge!!
They're FIRST step will probably be to "SUSPEND" all personal & business taxes for a period of time so that THAT MONEY gets back into the economy ASAP!! Then, they will most likely work on getting the Government OUT OF THE WAY by eliminating regulations that have for DECADES limited the ability of the economy to react favorably to import pressures. Then, severely curtail (if not eliminate) the "FED", which should be done ANYWAY!! Put THAT responsibility BACK to the Treasury were it always should have been!!

I am willing to say that IF they can do all this, within a matter of MONTHS the economy will REBOUND at levels NEVER seen before!! But, what POSSIBLY can a dumb old truckdriver KNOW about the workings of Big Government & the Economy?!! PLENTY, because I LISTEN to Talk Radio RELIGIOUSLY, thats how!! AND, unlike the DEMS, MY party doesn't think I'm STUPID!!

You gotta love that Wolfbane!!

Keep your powder dry & your guns HANDY...Yur gonna NEED'EM!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

List of "The Evil 8"...

Here is the list of the "Evil 8" that voted FOR the Cap & Trade Bill Last week:

1.) Mary Bono-Mack (R-Ca)

2.) Castle (R-Delaware)

3.) Mike S. Kirk (R-Il.)

4.) L.Lance (R-NJ

5.) F.LoBiono (R-NJ)

6.) J. McHugh (R-NY)

7.) D.Reichert (R-Wa)

8.) C.Smith (R-NJ)

We all need to CONTACT these traitors & "THANK" them for their contribution to our MASSIVE DEBT. And to the financial "ENSLAVEMENT" our our children & Grand-children!!!
They ALSO need to understand that because of this vote, THEIR jobs are now ON THE LINE!!!

Keep your powder dry & your guns're gonna need'em!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Update to "Down to the Wire...."

Well, as I was hitting the "Publish" key, it was announced that the bill "PASSED" with the help of 8 Republicans!!! I WILL be posting THEIR NAMES as soon as I can get the list from the House Roll.

I am SO DISCUSTED with those 8!! It's like OCTO-SPECTER was in the HOUSE!! Well, I hope they are READY to RETIRE, 'cause my guess is in THEIR state they are on the PooPoo list NOW!!

We're down to the wire...

Well, I've been on the phone TRYING to get through to my elected officials in Washington for the last TWO HOURS!!

No luck.

Needless to say, the phone lines are MELTING in Washington, D.C.!!! Thats a GREAT SIGN!! This means that people are actually getting off their duffs & CALLING!! I hope the lines burst into flames & set the place on FIRE!! That might stop the vote long enough for the "Pubs" to get a few more of the "Blue-Dogs" to come to OUR SIDE!!

IF the Dems get this piece of legislative crap, this so-called "Cap & Trade" bill that will give the Government the "POWER" to tax the crap out of ANYTHING that produces CO2.

Your house, your car, your LAWNMOWER!! Anything & EVERYTHING is subject to this "TAX"!! Thats what it IS, a TAX!! And it's ALL based on that Phoney-Bologna Global Warning that HASN"T been proven in ANY way except FALSE!!

Guess what it does to your Utility Bills? It FORCES the utility companies to UPGRADE their equipment to CALIFORNIA STANDARDS or they get FINED!! Guess WHO eventually gets CHARGED for the fine? Thats, in the form of RATE HIKES. Now, they ALSO will "UPGRADE" building standards to CALIFORNIA levels. This means an "Inspector" will come out & evaluated your home. He will then point out what you need to do to bring it up to specs.

Doesn't sound TOO bad, ......yet. Here's the RUB: If you are trying to SELL your house, you have to do this BEFORE you can SELL IT!! This could run you THOUSANDS of dollars that you won't be able to re-coop when you sell!!! If your house isn"t worth putting 20 or 30 grand into...too bad. DO IT or tear it down!!(They'll probably come up with a program to help HERE, too!!)

Your car? Will have to be "CALIFORNIA CERTIFIED"!! This means THOUSANDS of dollars worth of "STUFF" yet to be determined!! Scared, yet? You SHOULD be.

Now lets talk about HOW this will effect the REST of your life:

This part is EASY to write. EVERYTHING you use or buy will be TAXED to DEATH because SOMEWHERE in the process of manufacture it "MADE" CO2!! There, that pretty much covers it.

All I can say at this point is this: May God have mercy on US & the United States of America. If this bill passes, He's the ONLY one that can SAVE US!!

Keep your powder dry & your guns handy. You're gonna NEED'EM!!